Global Bytes

Native mobile app
Project Overview
Global Payments needed to refresh the look, feel, and functionality of its mobile food ordering app, Global Bytes. This white-label app is offered to medium and enterprise businesses and customized to their brand.

In addition to incorporating new features such as in-app messaging and a digital stored value account, the new design emphasizes accessibility and brings clarity to the user experience from sign up to checkout.
(1) Design UX/UI for new features including: curbside pick-up, digital stored value account, automatic top-up, in-app messaging, and in-app offers

(2) Redesign the UI to incorporate best practices with regard to accessibility.

(3) Create a new typographic hierarchy and corresponding application logic for merchant brands.
Part of the app's digital wallet, the new Auto Top-Up feature allows users to add money to their account automatically whenever a certain balance threshold is met.

Digital Stored Value

Global Bytes is not just an ordering app—it's also a payment processing and digital wallet solution. Funds can be loaded into the user's account using a variety of payment methods including debit/credit, Paypal, and Google Pay. Money stored in the app can be applied to mobile orders placed the app or in-store payments using a QR code on the Scan tab. Auto Top-Up ensures users never run low on funds, giving them control over when and by how much to refill their digital wallet.

Burger King Puerto Rico, the largest food service business by revenue on the island, uses an instance of Global Bytes that caters to the commonwealth's diverse community with cash back rewards and drive-thru pick-up at more than 150 locations.

Branding and Customization

One of the unique challenges was ensuring the visual design of Global Bytes can be easily modified to reflect other brands. This was not purely an exercise in visual customization—alias hierarchies were developed for all components including color, typography, button styles, and even iconography. The aliases determine how to apply brand elements to Global Bytes, whilst providing options to tailor the user experience flow and interface to best reflect their brand.