WebMD Wireframes

Strategic web design
Project Overview
WebMD Health Services wanted to redesign their website to tell a stronger story about their work supporting employers and health plans. The objective was to create a set of wireframes for the home page that simplified the user's experience interacting with the website and clearly articulated the company's mission.
(1) Articulate an informational hierarchy optimized for the target audience of employers and health plan providers.

(2) Develop high fidelity wireframes that put the hierarchy into a page structure for desktop and mobile.

Page Structure

The approach to redesigning the structure of the home page was simple: begin with transactional content and present more informational content as the user scrolls down the page. The journey down the page begins with the WebMD Health Services value proposition, followed by how they can help the user.

This gradient provides clear structure, but most importantly presents information in a way that supports different user profiles. Someone coming to the site for the first time can learn who WebMD is and what the company does, scrolling down to view success stories and awards that establish trust. Returning clients can log into their account from the nav bar, or the inline link below the fold.

The bottom half of the home page is dedicated to informational content to help build trust and educate the user who may have lingering questions. In addition to featuring original content from the blog, product details and a frequently-asked-questions block provide ample information to curious visitors.