Portland Children's Levy Annual Report

Responsive web design
Project Overview
Portland Children’s Levy is a multi-million dollar initiative to support the development of kids in the Portland metro area. The objective was to produce an annual report of the Levy's work distributing grants to local non-profits. The disruption wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic and a desire to reach a broad audience compelled a digital-only solution.
(1) Design infographics to highlight the Levy's key performance indicators.

(2) Layout the report's content in a single-page website intended for public consumption.


Top priority for the 2021 report was to create compelling infographics that improved upon the previous year’s visualizations. The chief concern lay in wrangling statistics for quick comprehension and responsiveness on mobile devices in particular, but doing so with respect for the diverse communities touched by Portland Children’s Levy.


Given the single-page structure of the report, placing the navigation elements in a sidebar was done to reinforce vertical movement through the site. Useful features such as the ability to translate the page into another language, share the report via social media links, and even download the report are always available to the user regardless of their position on the page.

While visible at all times on desktop, the sidebar tucks away to the left of the screen when the site is viewed on a mobile device; it is easily opened with a swipe or tap.