Tracy Alan

Northwest Game Festival


Constructing a Brand Piece-by-Piece

A three-day exhibition celebrating all kinds of games for all types of people, Northwest Game Festival has a mission to facilitate play and imagination. My mission: create a playful visual identity for the event that has functional value whilst appealing to a diverse audience.



Although the focus was on the visual identity for 2019, it was necessary to first consider the festival’s wordmark. A purely typographic approach was taken in order to keep the mark simple and ensure compatibility and versatility with annual changes in visual direction.

The abbreviation in the upper left creates a conceptual link to site of festival. A custom pixelated typeface conjures nostalgia of classic computer gaming. Chunky letter forms provide the ability to knock the wordmark out of shapes while preserving legibility.


Visual Elements

Three-dimensional tetriminos dance with scaled up partners against a unifying grid column in a multi-layered visual theme representing playfulness, gaming, and depth of perspective.


Attendee booklet

Provided to attendees upon entry to the festival, the booklet serves as an introduction to the event, a navigation aid, and detailed listing of events. Visual elements are remixed in spreads detailing various workshops, activities, and panels.



A large, full-spread illustrated map provides color-coded location information that ties into wayfinding elements in the event space. A truncated schedule of activities allows attendees to connect them to specific locations.