Tracy Alan
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Banned from Instagram


Banned from Instagram

In early 2019, I was banned from Instagram. Frustratingly, I’m not exactly sure why I was banned. This is typical because users do not receive a notification explaining the rationale behind the ban. Instead, users are given error messages when attempting to log into Instagram, which doesn’t communicate that the account is banned and results in a lot of head scratching.

That’s why I designed this new feature to provide basic information to a user on why their account is banned. Better still, it is a system that lets them know how to reinstate an account and retrieve any posted content.

User flow diagram and paper prototype

Not only does this solution addresses concerns of banned users, but also those users connected to them via the social network. It is a multifaceted solution that expands functionality and retain users without sacrificing content standards set out by the company’s terms of service.

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Clickable Figma Prototype